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Overcoming habit is possible– Klonopin and its consequences

Drugs (whether methadone, marijuana, or clonazepam) are a trap. Klonopin is an anti-epileptic drug, which was synthesized from benzodiazepine and belongs to the class of medicine that have an effect on the mind. It has a hypnotic effect, relieves anxiety and irritability and relaxes muscle tissue. Benzodiazepine is a CNS depressant, which implies that it calms and soothes a person.

Klonopin is used for the remedy of seizures, tremor and involuntary movements. The medicine also relieves the symptoms of phobias, panic assaults and other sleep-related movement problems (sleepwalking, and so on.)

Side effects

Klonopin might have a negative effect in your well being and temper. The commonest side effects of Klonopin are:

  • drug dependence (in case of the long-term use of the drug or the therapy of sufferers with a history of drug/alcohol abuse)
  • sleepiness or insomnia
  • vertigo
  • weakness
  • depression and nervousness
  • disorientation and uncoordinated movements
  • speech impairment
  • memory impairment and lowered learning ability
  • inflammation, constipation, stomachache, muscle ache, and so forth.

Side effects are not one thing out of the ordinary. You shouldn’t think that “it won’t happen to you”. Remember that any drug and drugs, including Klonopin, is a poison, and poisons kill fast. But when you choose the best dose, they can positively have an result on your temper and well being. This impact may be stimulating or stress-free (as in case of Klonopin). Poisons trigger ailments. The higher their dose, the extra extreme bodily and psychological problems the sufferers will experience.

But let’s have a look at the poisons from a special angle. They gradually kill an individual, masking it with a excessive. They provide you with buzz, relieve ache and make you’re feeling higher. Patients like poisons for this “side effect”.

How does Klonopin have an effect on the body?

The drug reduces the excitability of neurons that transmit the nerve indicators. However, the impact of Klonopin is decided by the dosage.
This drug impacts your body and thoughts:

  1. It washes out the important nutritional vitamins and minerals and gradually destroys the immune system, blood vessels, bones, enamel and different organs and tissues.
  2. The drug is accrued in adipose tissue, which causes such unpleasant consequences as fatigue, temper swings, pain and depression.
  3. Gradually, dose by dose, Klonopin worsens the patient’s health and mood.

The combination of Klonopin with alcohol, antidepressants or another medication could cause overdose, aggravation of illness or unpredictable reactions. Taking a excessive dose of 1 drug or a number of totally different medicines without delay (except antidotes, which block the drug action; nonetheless, they need to be used solely underneath medical supervision) can cause overdose.

Symptoms of Klonopin overdose

  • confusion
  • severe drowsiness (up to coma)
  • depression of respiration and different reflexes.

In case of overdose, patient ought to take activated charcoal and induce vomiting (if he/she is conscious). In more extreme instances, you want to call an ambulance.

Long-term results of Klonopin

The longer you use clonazepam, the more unfavorable results (both psychological and physical) you will observe.
The improvement of habit begins when the affected person begins to “solve” his/her issues (low self-esteem, communication/relationship problems, boredom, a desire to really feel more fulfilled in life, etc.) with a dose. It seems that the drug becomes “a salvation”. However, medicines don’t actually clear up the problems. On the contrary, the issues multiply, and the particular person doesn’t really feel sturdy sufficient to deal with them, so he/she takes a capsule to feel better. It’s like a vicious circle. Actually, medicine and alcohol are just a approach to escape from real life. However, this street leads to demise.

People hooked on Klonopin might expertise withdrawal signs corresponding to anxiety, irritability, confusion, headache and respiratory melancholy. In severe cases, patients experience seizures, some persona issues and hallucinations (auditory or visual), in addition to itching and formication.

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